I am Arianne Autaubo of AMAPhotography. I am an 'Ndn girl (indigenous of the Kiowa tribe), born & raised along the front range of Colorado with big love for the mountains & a passion for just about anything involving ink, lyrics, neutral colors, good smells, fire pits, churros, family and warm socks. I'm the oldest of three sisters and my family is my world. I was taught early on that family is the nucleus of all. I believe that's why I take such a deep pride in capturing the stories of love and family. My world currently resides around my fiance' & my wild-child husky.


My objective in creating an AMA image is simple. . . to capture that quick second, that breath and that sweet pause in life's most honest moments. 

Some people become photographers because they love cameras. I became a photographer because I love people and I thrive on telling the stories of those around me through the art of photography.

Nothing is more important to me

than capturing the seconds that

make up your most precious memories

in life. Creating tangible moments with

knowledge and integrity,

of beautiful lives in the making.

Thanks for your interest in my work 

& I hope to meet you.



"because you deserve a tangible moment to

a beautiful life in the making..." 


"Ari is phenomenal! She has taken our family pictures for the past 6 years and we are never disappointed! She perfectly captures the personalities of our kiddos and some how makes us all look good! Ari is extremely talented and we are thankful to have found her! I cherish the moments she has captured for our family!"

- Michelle Trujillo